A comparison of A Study In Scarlet and A Study In Pink

Differences between the book and the TV episode:

A Study In Scarlet VS A Study In Pink:

The creator of Sherlock TV series was created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

Context: The creator of the TV series, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat had created the TV series differently by the context. The era has changed. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the story in the 19th Century, while Mr Gatiss and Mr Moffat created the episode in the 21st Century. The fashion has changed, in the book Sherlock Holmes was described as a man who likes to smoke with a pipe and wore a hat while in the TV series Holmes never smoke a pipe, never use a hat and he used gadgets like computers and smartphones while working. We can see that Watson was using his computer to create a blog. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also described that London was a dirty and filthy place because there was lots of disease back then. In the TV series, London was so much cleaner, more well-organised and I think that it is because the era has changed over time. The transportation that was used in the book are hansom cabs, but in the TV series they used vehicles like cars and buses. I was wondering what live would be like in the 19th Century, no technologies and no vehicles at all. I don’t think that the people of the 21st Century would be able to survive in the 19th Century as we are used to technologies and vehicles. (last updated: 19/11/2014)

This is London in the 19th Century. It is quite dirty, filthy and had lots of crimes.

This is London now, the 21st Century. It is so much cleaner and much more develop.


Characters: Mr Gatiss and Mr Moffat had described the characters differently from the book. Holmes was much younger in the TV series, but in the book he was a middle-aged man. Holmes was also very observant but in the TV series he was more arrogant. There were 4 detectives from the book, they are Holmes, Watson, Lestrade and Gregson, but in the TV series Mr Gatiss and Mr Moffat had replace Gregson with Holmes’ brother Mycroft. Watson had an injury on his shoulder from the book but in TV series his leg was limping. The similarity is that Holmes’ had a similar observation skills. I really think that Holmes was more observant in the book rather than in the episode, for example in chapter 7 of A Study In Scarlet, he discovered that the cab driver was the mysterious murderer without anyone knowing it. I think that he was more observant in the book because elderly people are usually more experienced than younger people. But the only disadvantage I had is that Holmes was so much more arrogant in the episode. (last updated: 19/11/2014)

The 4 main detectives in A Study In Scarlet


Characters from Sherlock TV series


Setting: Both had the same setting, which was set in the 221 Baker Street London and additional places like Lauriston Gardens. I realised that the only difference was that the setting in the book was much dirtier because it was set in the 19th Century, London was not well-organised while in the TV series it was so much cleaner because it was set in the 21st Century. Well I think that the setting in the episode was much more cleaner because 21st Century is much more develop than the 19th Century. In my opinion, I prefer the location of the TV series because 21st is more clean and well-organised. (last updated: 19/11/2014)

Comparison of the map around Baker Street


Genre: Both of the story from the book and the TV series had the same genre because the story is about detectives solving cases. Both of the story had a similar case where they investigate about the murder at Lauriston Gardens. In the TV series, Watson shot the cab driver but in the book where it was written in chapter 7, Holmes arrested the cab driver. This is when both story was described as a mystery genre because the murderer was mysterious and it turns out to be a cab driver. In my opinion, I see no difference with the genre because on both stories, Holmes was observant and the case that they were solving is similar. There are red-herrings in the TV episode and the book. In the TV episode the detectives thought that the word ‘RACHE’ was meant for the German word which means revenge, but it turns out that ‘RACHE’ was an unfinished word for ‘RACHEL’.  (last updated: 19/11/2014)

RACHE was carved on the floor in the TV series

There are lots of differences that I noticed between the book and the TV episode. In my opinion, I like the TV episode more than the book because in my opinion, Sherlock Holmes was more observant in the episode as he was a lot younger. I like the way how Holmes observe the victim in Lauriston Gardens in the episode. But in the book, Holmes was more polite and less arrogant. I think that the episode was called A Study In Pink because the victim was wearing pink dress, and Holmes was observing about the victim hence the name.

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